Ben 10 Collaboration Project WIP 1

Hello, for this project I will team up with my twin brother Pablo Hurtado. We are gonna do a mini-scene with two characters from the show Ben 10 Omniverse. I will be working on Zed in the Crabdozer form, it is my favorite transformation. My brother will work on Khyber, her owner. We definitely want to take these through the entire high to low pipeline. So in this  post we have created the base shapes for these characters.




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Wolf WIP 6

I finished sculpting the mask, jeans, belt, waist cloth, gloves, and belt pocket. I added a little damage to the jeans and cloth, I tried not to add too much since is clothing is just used not old. Now I just need to work on the boot, the two chest straps and the jacket.




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Wolf WIP 5

I received some critiques from Roberto and other artists, I had a couple of changes I had to make. First I reworked the face and especially the burns. I also reworked the shape of the flex foot so it looked more like real flex foot prosthetics than the one in the concept.



Next I modeled the gas mask in maya, modeling both the high res and low res models. Then I import the mask into zbrush and adjust the position and proportions of the mask. I also work on the second stitch in the torso.



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Wolf WIP 4

Next I move to the clothing, I try to sculpt the large folds that affect the silhouette of the character. I do not use symmetry when creating the folds since clothing looks a lot better when it is asymmetrical. I also try to get the look that the pants are sagging which is something I have never done. When sculpting the folds of the jacket I try to have the major folds going donwn the back to affect each flap but still add smaller folds that make each flap different.


Now I switch from clothing to more hard surface, this way I stay interested and not get bored of doing the same thing. I look for references to understand leg prosthetics, and see that the leg prosthetic that the character has is very similar to the flex-foot prosthetic. I make the prosthetic the same as the concept art but add the connection between the foot and the box, based on the references I gathered.


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Wolf WIP 3

Next I sculpt the details in the face, and chest. With this character I wanted to try to sculpt burns n the face since the concept art doesn’t really show why he wears a gas mask. Then I try to add muscle definition in the chest, but I try not to over exaggerate it since he is more of a thin character than a muscular character.


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Wolf WIP 2

The next step is to create the base for the clothing. With zbrush it is easy to create base meshes, I just extract geometry from the body and adjust the shape using the move brush. Then I use dynamesh and q remesher to adjust the topology to the new mesh. Then I create the belt buckle using shadow box.


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Wolf WIP 1

I first searched in for concept artists, and really looked at their work to see whose work interested me the most. Then I found Roberto Robert’s cghub gallery, I was really interested in his wolf concept art. I went to his website and found his contact info and sent him an email asking him for permission to create it in 3D. He responded the next and allowed me to use. This is his website:

This is his concept art


Next I created the base mesh in zbrush, using both dynamesh and qremesher to get a good base but with low point count. Then I separated the arms and legs from the chest and head because I knew that only the chest and face will show in the final piece. This way my point count stays low when I subdivide the body because only the face and chest need higher subdivision levels and the arms and legs dont. I still keep the arms and legs so I can use them as a guide when I create the clothing.


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Demon and Cliff update

I finished the cliff a week before I was supposed to, now I can work on the demon. I pretty much had no problems with the cliff the only thing I had to make sure was that the cracks looked convincing. With the demon I blocked out the anatomy and started to add demon features such as the feet the horns and the face. Now I just need to refine the muscles and the face and then add all of the horns and nails. For clothing I am just going to give him a belt and loin cloth. Also I was finally able to import the angel into UDK with no problems, all I had to do was triangulate her in maya before exporting her as an fbx.

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Project update

So far it has been a never ending struggle to finish the angel and tring to move onn to the next pieces. I baked all of the maps and took the angel to UDK but then there is another problem. When I take the angel to UDK there are faces missing around the face and finger tips. It makes no sense since in maya everything is fine, all of the normals are facing the right way. Now I also started on the rock, this is my second time starting on the rock. I finally have a silhouette that I like and the rock shapes are looking ok. Now I am just adding more detail so it looks like a rock.


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Female Angel Update 4

I continued to retopologize the female, I added more sub-divisioons to the low poly so it wouldn’t look so choppy. I still need to retopologize a couple more things and then I can start the wings and the UVs. One thing I am struggling with is time management, I try to fit enough time to complete every task I have to do. It gets harder and harder as I have to balance more projects with less and less sleep. This term is showing me I am just not fast enough, I need to get faster so all of my projects don’t pile up.

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